Lakemba Public School Embraces Bucketfilling

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bucket filling books Carol McCloud

Lakemba Public School was truly a “bucketfilling school” long before we got here. Bucketfilling posters everywhere. Fabulous teachers so excited to learn more about bucket filling. It was a whirlwind and wonderful day.  I was so amazed at how the teachers and students were so eager to learn more.

This is our last full day in Australia and I spent much of the day speaking to students, parents and teachers at the first official “Bucket Filling School” Australia!  It was such an honour. The credit for getting here goes to our dear friend and Australian book distributor, Pintoo Sidhu of Empathy Books. He did all the leg work and communication to arrange our visit here. He even helped me find a frame for the school certificate. Thank you Pintoo!

lakemba public school principal

Pintoo picked me up at our hotel at 7:30 am and we were non-stop throughout the morning. Sadly, Jack picked up a bug yesterday and has been coughing, sneezing, and a bit under the weather since then. He stayed at the airport hotel so he could relax and get better before our flight home tomorrow.

We were able to fit in a powerful 30-minute teacher session, a 15-minute full school session with all staff and parents, two 30-minute assemblies split by grade, two 20-minute classroom visits and a tea time with book signing for staff. Many of the teachers said they found our books and adopted bucket filling more than five years ago and have loved its message of kindness and positivity since they first heard about it. I’ve never seen so many friendly children and such happy staff.

Lakemba public school children

We fly home tomorrow with the happiness of meeting so many new friends and seeing so much beauty in the countries of New Zealand and Australia. A dream come true.

With sincere gratitude,

P.S.  In one of the photos in the centre is one of Lakemba’s Assistant Principals, Tammy KC. The woman next to her is the Principal, Jann Martin. Both wonderful woman and superb leaders who make a difference.

Homeward bound …

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The Everyday Autism Series by Monique Cain

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Madi and Monique Autism Series

Everyday Autism:

For parents, teachers, and friends of people with autism and related conditions … and anyone who wants to grow in understanding and compassion for those experiencing this challenge.

Autism is a growing issue in our society. More and more people are being identified as ‘on the spectrum’. Most people don’t understand what autism is about, they don’t know how to respond in an appropriate, caring manner when friends or family have children who are on the autism spectrum. They feel uncomfortable … and so they withdraw, impoverishing themselves, and leaving friends vulnerable and lonely.

monique Cain

About Madi Cain

The Everyday Autism Series looks at life through the eyes of Madi, a child with autism and explores how she responds to the world, and the challenges she faces dealing with the twin issues of a heightened sensory response to external stimuli and difficulties in communicating her experience to those around her.

The books are written for children to enjoy and learn from, but they are so profound that adults will come away from them with new insights as well. They were originally written to express what I (Madi’s mother) learned about what was going on inside Madi, and to help Madi’s teachers, classmates, and others understand and respond to Madi.