Bartholomews Gift


by Diane Dignan
Award Winning Title
Moonbeam Award – Winner in Best Illustration (2010)
USA Book News – Best Books – Finalist in Children’s Picture Book: Hardcover with Audio (2010)
USA Book News – Best Books – Finalist in Children’s Best Cover Design (2010)
Mom’s Choice – Gold in Religious and Spirituality (2010)
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Little Bartholmew is bestowed with a unique gift at birth – an ability that his loved ones do not possess or understand. There is excitement and wonder when, as a child, he discovers the meaning of his gift and wishes to share the joy it brings with others. Misunderstood, he withdraws and denies his experiences until the gift disappears forever. Or does it? This story is for anyone who searches for the wonder in everyday life. Hardcover with audio CD.

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