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Queenies little book of comfort empathy

Queenie’s Little Book of Comfort


‘Queenie’s little book of comfort.’

by Authors Judi Rhodes and Tanya McQueen

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Family violence is in the news every day and seems to be getting worse!… and little children are still at home trying to survive!

Two early childhood educators from Tasmania, Judi Rhodes and Tanya McQueen have written a new picture book to help these children called ‘Queenie’s little book of comfort.’ They wanted to help spread the message that family violence damages children’s lives as well as adults and that children need ways to protect themselves. They are passionate about building strong, resilient children.

At present children seem to be forgotten in the background when family violence stories are talked about. As early childhood educators they see the damage that trauma does to children every day and wanted to help.

‘Queenie’ s little book of comfort’ features hand made Australian native animals and tells a story in an easy to understand, gentle manner. It’s a conversation starter for adults and parents of all young children.

Queenie is a little quoll woken up by loud noises coming from the kitchen. She tiptoes into the kitchen and instead of mum and dad finds two monsters arguing. Feeling frightened she runs next door to her friend Eric the Echidna for help. He gives Queenie key messages to help her stay safe, feel brave and get help. He shows her a simple strategy to self-calm, using something found anywhere, that she can practice throughout her life to strengthen her overall wellbeing.

Judi and Tanya wrote this book to give small children hope. Hope that they can survive and hope that families can get better!

By reading our book mums & dads can begin to understand the terrible impact that any form of violence has on their children’s wellbeing.

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