The Everyday Autism Series by Monique Cain

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Madi and Monique Autism Series

Everyday Autism:

For parents, teachers, and friends of people with autism and related conditions … and anyone who wants to grow in understanding and compassion for those experiencing this challenge.

Autism is a growing issue in our society. More and more people are being identified as ‘on the spectrum’. Most people don’t understand what autism is about, they don’t know how to respond in an appropriate, caring manner when friends or family have children who are on the autism spectrum. They feel uncomfortable … and so they withdraw, impoverishing themselves, and leaving friends vulnerable and lonely.

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About Madi Cain

The Everyday Autism Series looks at life through the eyes of Madi, a child with autism and explores how she responds to the world, and the challenges she faces dealing with the twin issues of a heightened sensory response to external stimuli and difficulties in communicating her experience to those around her.

The books are written for children to enjoy and learn from, but they are so profound that adults will come away from them with new insights as well. They were originally written to express what I (Madi’s mother) learned about what was going on inside Madi, and to help Madi’s teachers, classmates, and others understand and respond to Madi.


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